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1. Registration of Cooperative

This entails minutes of meeting where a unanimous agreement to register the prospective cooperative is taken, writing of application of the cooperative registration to the Ministry stating their trustee, meeting location or venue, furnishing the ministry with the members list which must be 10 and above and members who must be more than 18-years of age, after furnishing the Ministry with the necessary information required by the Cooperative Department, the society would need to pay an amount stated for such through a platform called Edo State Revenue Administrative System (ERAS) and also paid for three copies of Bye Laws.

Note: The Cooperative Society registered with Edo State Government must operate within the State.


Stage -1

Application Process

Verification process: This has to do with a fact finder of the authenticity of a prospective Cooperative Society claims in the application submitted, such like verifying the fact of the numbers of members stated in their application physically, confirming the venue of the meeting and authenticating their claims relating to their operation of business and after confirming the fact finding of their claims factual, certificate will now be printed out.


Stage -2

Inurguration: This has to do enlightening/educating the cooperators  concerning the Cooperatives guidelines as stipulated in the Bye-Laws , interacting with them for areas that needed be adjusted for improving their efficiency and viability and also advise where necessary to  wind-up  and after the teaching session, a certification of cooperative registration will now be issued to them.


2. Inspection

This process takes place after a year of cooperatives registration, thereby knowing their viability through the checking of their financial books as to know where necessary needed to be educated for on front improvement or advise to change line of method if the first adopted line of operation is not viable enough or rather wind-up and there is also an amount tie to inspection of every Cooperative Society that needs to be inspected  to pay which payment method is same as above.


3. Re-Certification

This is a process where because of how long the first issued certificate must has spent with the Cooperative Society, just like those whose cooperative societies were already in existence far back Bendel State Era, now that the state name has change to Edo state; such cooperative societies need to updates their  certificates thereby re-applying to the Ministry for Re-certification which also a fee tie to it and payment method is same as above and after payment the New  Certificate will be issued to the Society.


4. Amendment

This has to do with if a Cooperative Society has any changes concerning their prospective cooperative society name to a different one, they would still pass through normal process of applying to the ministry concerning the changes they may want to be effected on their certificate and there is a lesser amount than the new registration tie it where the payment method remain same as above process.


5. Search

This is a process of ascertaining whether a certain cooperative is duly registered with the Ministry and there is a certain amount to tie to it upon the process.


6. Audit

This is usually carryout by the a certified registered accountants recognize by the state government to audit the account of an assigned cooperative society as to ascertain their true position of their financial status if firmed or otherwise as to advice where necessary by the mother Ministry(Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperative).


7. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This is usually done yearly where reps of the Ministry and cooperators of prospective Cooperative Society meets to discuss way forward of the society, knowing the greys areas where advise is needed for on front improvement, notify where they need to improve on , also, is time where Executives of a Cooperative Society is dissolved for a fresh election of the New Executive and at any election to be held, the Director of Cooperative must affirmed or supervised the process , otherwise such election conducted would only be illegal but also null and void. Their financial books are always audited before the AGM date by a Certified Accountant.


8. Training

This process negates updating the Cooperators as events unfolds in the Cooperative Department

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Audit Fee

10% of Audit fee



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