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Ministry Of Business Trade And Cooperatives

The Ministry of Business Trade And Cooperatives plays a crucial role in overseeing government-owned industries and promoting economic development. It monitors and supports the growth of key industrial infrastructure, conducts economic surveys, and maintains an investment guide. The ministry empowers MSMEs and cooperatives, coordinates entrepreneurship initiatives, identifies business clusters, and facilitates funding for MSMEs. 

It also manages registrations, collects investment data, and promotes innovative financing schemes by providing training and advisory services, the ministry supports entrepreneurship and small business growth, contributing significantly to the State’s economic progress and inclusive development goals. In doing so, it underscores its commitment to driving economic prosperity and inclusive growth within the region.


To drive economic growth and generate wealth through policies that make it easy to do business, attract investments and develop enterprises in Edo State.


To create an enabling environment to stimulate industrialization and accelerate domestic and foreign investment, champion the development of MSMEs to create jobs and drive inclusive growth while promoting the integration of Edo- based businesses into regional and global value chains


Executive Governor, Edo State


Deputy Governor, Edo State


Hon. Commissioner MBTC

Register Your Cooperative

The concept of a cooperative society is known worldwide as an association of people with common interests whose aim is to cater for the general good and interest of their members.


Commissioner Patrick Uanseru, along with government officials including the Permanent Secretary Barr. Mrs Abieyuwa Oyemwense and Directors of the Ministry of Business, Trade, and Cooperatives, held a crucial meeting with the “Grassroot Farmers Association in the Niger Delta”.

Our Projects

Farm to Table

Farm to table is one of our numerous initiatives and it's geared towards connecting farmers to off takers

MESEs Training

Periodically we organize workshops for MSMEs as a way in helping them group their business.

Consumer Protection

We campaign against trading and buying of substandard goods and fake products.

Cooperatives Societies

We register Cooperatives and also assists exiting cooperatives in achieveing their set goals and objectives

Made-In-Edo Products

We seamlessly support and give priorites to SMEs and MSMEs

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